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Our Process

Our Heart and Soles Set Us Apart

Ethical Small Businesses

Team with the Best Certified Artisans

We are excited and humbled by the responsibility of owning our own business and having the opportunity to only team with those that share our passion for ethical business practices, being eco-conscious and responsible employment. This means providing a living wage and benefits, and following Colombia’s strict environmental laws. We are continually audited by third party auditors to ensure legal compliance with these requirements.

Helping the Local People

Waste water = purified water

Our certified leather tanners incorporate on-site water treatment plants that recycle, purify, and reuse the water needed for the curing and tanning process. With over one million+ USD invested into these plants any unused water is returned to its original source in an even cleaner state.

They also assist local communities with treating and purifying their waste water as to minimize their environmental impact.

Keep it Local

We source all of our raw materials from within Colombia and partner with small family businesses employing from the local community.

highest quality

The Finished Product

Fine artisan leather goods that look great, smell great and pass the test of time. By controlling the process from sourcing raw materials from those that are good stewards of this earth, insisting on ethical business practices, being socially responsible even when it impacts the bottom line and not compromising we’re able to deliver a finished product that we’re proud to stand behind. Leather goods you'll be proud to buy and wear!

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