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Where are your products made?

Our dress sneakers and leather goods are handcrafted in Medellin and Bogota, Colombia. We also partner with artisans who handcraft in the USA. These products will clearly state this in the title or description.

Our Eco-Friendly Leather

One of our core values is to be Good Stewards of This Earth. All of our leather goods are exquisitely artisan crafted out of environment certified full grain and top grain leathers that have been beautifully cured and tanned over a 30-day period. Full grain means the whole and natural grain of each hide is used and still visible after the curing process. Top grain means the natural grains in the hide have been buffed out a bit to create a different surface, but the integrity and durability of the grain is still maintained.

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Caring for your leather

Caring for your leather product is similar to other full and top grain products. We recommend brushing off any dirt and debris with a horse hair brush every 4-6 wears. A leather balm will help renourish the leather. You can also use a neutral or color matching leather polish with a horsehair brush or cloth to give it extra shine. Always test a small spot first to ensure it doesn't change to a color/finish that you don't like.

Please click here to view our article on How to Care for Your Leather Goods

Our Artisans

One of our core values is that we succeed with our partners. We only work with small businesses that pay a living wage and don't just view their employees as an expense.

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Can I use mink oil to protect the shoes? If not what do you suggest?

There are several leather care products available on the market and most leather enthusiasts tend to have their own personal preference. We recommend and sell Smith's made in Maine all natural products. If you prefer Mink oil that should work just fine but just bear in mind that many mink-oil-based products also contain silicone, which serves as an effective waterproofing agent because it blocks up the pores of the leather—but this action prevents the leather from breathing, which leaves it susceptible to moisture buildup and faster decay.

We generally prefer to use leather balm or creams and lotions containing lanolin—as we have found it be particularly effective at cleaning and conditioning leather products. Nevertheless, as is the case with any leather balm, creamer, oil, polish or moisturizer, we strongly suggest patch testing it first on a less visible spot and letting it sit for 24 hours in case it alters the appearance of the leather.

How durable are the outsole? How long will the outsole last before I need to buy a new pair?

Our TPU outsole durability definitely varies with each user and how well (or not) they care for their shoes. We’ve been testing the outsoles since 2018 and our focus group participants were instructed to wear them out as much as possible with heavier than normal usage. To date (2024) the outsoles have held up great and show regular—but expected—wear and tear. Daily usage expected life is 3-5 years. Those with less usage still look like new. If they get dirty, you can clean them using a horsehair brush.

Will it be possible to insert my own orthotic insole?

Our orthotic inserts are completely removable and can easily be swapped for one of your own preference and liking.

Can John Candor orthotic insoles be used with other shoes?

Yes, they can be inserted into any other footwear. The edge won't line up perfectly, but it will be close enough. You can always easily trim them with scissors. I've been using our orthotic insoles in my hiking boots since 2020.

My country is not listed for shipping. What options do you suggest?

If your country doesn't show up during the checkout process please contact us and we'll look into other options.

Can you do mismates?

Yes, please contact us and we'll let you know our available options and cost.

Who will you use for domestic shipping?

Shoe box size and larger is mostly with UPS. Smaller items, very rural areas, PO Boxes, HI, AK, PR, AE and AP is USPS or DHL.

Do you take custom or corporate orders?

We don't create custom products at this time. Most of our products we can easily place your corporate logo on them. Please contact us and share what you have in mind.

Do you take wholesale orders?

Yes, we do. In general, our pricing is 50% off our website full price. Please contact us for more info.

Do you sell other artisan's products?

Yes, we currently work with artisans in the USA. All products must be handmade or handcrafted in the USA. If you're interested in partnering with us please contact us here.

These are the artisans we're currently partnered with:

  • Dapper Woodworks
  • Chicago Comb
  • Smith's in Maine

Why do your products cost more than similar ones made in China?

We don't use slave labor.

Do our shoes have shanks in them?

We don’t place shanks in our shoes. Our high density, flexible TPU outsole and orthotic insert provides all the support and firmness required while also staying light weight and flexible.

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