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John Candor: Our Four Styles of Leather Shoes

For some men, handcrafted shoes are a way of life. Their comfort, enduring good looks and quality can’t be matched by any shoes you can buy off the shelf. If you’ve been reluctant to try handcrafted shoes, it’s time to get over your fear. John Candor makes it possible for any man to buy beautifully handcrafted leather shoes at accessible prices.

Why Choose Handcrafted Shoes

Style: Beautifully made, high-quality shoes are a centerpiece of any man’s wardrobe. Styles of leather shoes may change, but handcrafted shoes are always fashionable. They feel great and look great with everything from suits to jeans.

Longevity: Handmade shoes are built to last. With proper care and polishing, these shoes will last you for years to come and only look better with age.

Artistry: Meticulous stitching, handcrafted eyelets and other fine details contribute to a pair of shoes that always look distinctive.

Comfort: Full and Top Grain Leather shoes are supple and comfortable. Unlike running shoes and sneakers that stretch out and eventually fall apart, your leather shoes will stay in shape. These shoes support your toes, arches and heels.

Premium Quality at a Better Price: Is It Possible?

John Candor was founded on the principle that every man should be able to experience exceptional leather shoes that are stylish yet functional. By selling directly to consumers and working with a small family business that are 3rd generation shoemakers in Colombia, the company can afford to keep prices lower than the bigger brands.

That means you get high-quality shoes, including shock-absorbing insoles, leather-lined interiors (enhances breathability), two sets of different colored laces, and a slip-resistant sole, for a price that will amaze you. John Candor offers several styles of leather shoes, and you are sure to find one that’s right for you.

Our Four Styles of Leather Shoes

The Classic                                                

The Classic - John Candor

You can never go wrong with a classic Oxford. This style features a closed-lacing system and a low heel. These shoes give a sleek, streamlined look to your outfit. Oxford shoes are a staple of any man’s wardrobe. They are perfect for suits, but they will also work for business casual outfits and in shorts.

The Bold                                                     

The Bold - John Candor

Step up your shoe game with the Bold. With a fresh take on a classic style, these shoes feature a low, slim profile and a comfortable, anti-slip outsole. These comfortable shoes will add a stylish edge to any casual or business casual outfit.

The Texan                                                

The Texan - John Candor

Our Texan design takes the classic Oxford look and adds a little character and personality with its distinctive "T-shaped" cutout that uses a basket weave imprinted leather pattern. The different leather patterns are sure to catch the eye, yet subtle enough to blend with any outfit. 

The Dallas                                                      

The Dallas - John Candor

Are you looking for fresh styles of leather shoes? Add Dallas to your collection. Our reason for this name is because it was our very first design and Dallas Texas is where we call home. Pair the Dallas with your favorite slacks to freshen your look instantly.

Spruce Up Your Style with Handcrafted Shoes

When choosing styles of leather shoes, choose the luxury and long-lasting beauty of handmade shoes. We also sell belts that match the color of our shoes, laces, orthotic insoles, and other accessories. At John Candor, we make it easy for any man to look great.

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